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1. John Shelby Spong: Redeeming Christianity in the 21st Century

John Shelby Spong is one of the best known and most highly regarded leaders in the movement within Christianity to evolve faith in step with modern times and humanity's collective intelligence. During his tenure as Episcopal Bishop of Newark, John Shelby Spong (known to friends as "Jack") was regarded as a fearless advocate for church reform -- a hero to some, a heretic to others. Spong, who retired from professional ministry in 2000, was the first to ordain an openly gay priest, and he called for Christians worldwide to leave behind premodern religion in favor of a liberal, progressive, ever-evolving faith.

Spong's best-selling books include Rescuing the Bible from Fundamentalism • Why Christianity Must Change or Die • A New Christianity For a New World  The Sins of Scripture • and Jesus for the Nonreligious. He also has a personal website.

Theme song "Holy Now" courtesy of Peter Mayer.

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